• Montgomery County seeking cheaper prescription drugs

    Montgomery County officials on Monday released a request for proposals to American and Canadian drug distributors to bid on the program that county lawmakers approved in September, which would give government employees and retirees the option of buying cheaper prescription medications from Canada or other […]

  • Some Pharmacists Reluctant To Go Along With Governor Brad Henry’s Idea

    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Gov. Brad Henry says he is willing to go to the mat with the federal government to allow Oklahomans to lawfully buy cheaper drugs from other countries. Associated Press 1/31/2005 Read the full story at kotv.com.

  • “Don’t Act, Just React” Leadership Style Deadly for America

    As a father of seven lively children, I know a little something about preemption. It takes 24-hour vigilance to keep knives and Drano beyond the reach of the little ones and my band saw hidden from my industrious sixteen year-old. But we're no different from […]

  • Canadian wholesaler markets to R.I.

    The secretary of state announces that CanaRx has a toll-free number for Rhode Islanders to order prescriptions, in spite of the illegality of importing drugs. BY FELICE J. FREYER, Journal Medical Writer Saturday, January 29, 2005 Read the full story at projo.com.

  • Pharmacist’s Warning: Plan to license Canadian pharmacies may have adverse side effects

    COVENTRY – The new state law allowing for the licensure of Canadian pharmacies in Rhode Island has gone into effect but according to some, the side effects may be worse than the high prescription prices. By: Jennifer Swanson 01/28/2005 Read the full story at zwire.com.

  • Danger: The Active Ingredient in Imported Drugs

    When Congress passed landmark Medicare reforms last year, critics opposed a provision banning Americans from buying "Canadian" prescription drugs and a study of the safety and cost benefits of cross border purchasing was mandated in the legislation. By Kerri Houston January 28, 2005 Read the […]

  • Last week, the issue of counterfeit drugs from the United States was examined. Despite the grave threat to the health of American residents and even many more people worldwide, the response of the United States government is amazing. by rahim bacchus jnr Friday 28, January-2005 […]

  • Professor says cheap drugs are dangerous

    Buying cheap prescription drugs from other countries may end up being costly, says the dean of Campbell University's pharmacy school. Read the full story at newsargus.com.

  • Bipartisan bill would allow U.S. citizens to import drugs from 25 countries

    WASHINGTON – Americans would be allowed to legally import safe prescription drugs from Canada and 24 other industrialized countries under legislation a bipartisan group of Senate and House members unveiled Wednesday. By DENNIS CAMIRE, Gannett News Service Jan 27 2005 Read the full story at […]

  • Senate gives preliminary approval to prescription importation

    MONTPELIER, Vt. State senators have given preliminary approval to a bill that would authorize Vermont to join Illinois and three other states in a prescription drug importation plan. Read the full story at wcax.com.

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