• Nursing SAFE DRUG Checklist

  • Federal Authorities Seize Prescription Drugs from Distributors

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Attorney for the District of Utah are announcing a series of indictments today against multiple prescription drug distributors whose illegal distribution of diverted drugs could affect the safety and efficacy of more than 40 medications […]

  • Broward Firm Pleads Guilty To Selling Potentially Tainted Surgical Mesh

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A company pleaded guilty Wednesday to selling phony, and potentially tainted, surgical mesh, at least some of which wound up in patients. UPDATED: 7:07 am EDT April 28, 2005 Read the full story at local10.com.

  • Canada-drug firm put on notice

    The fate of a company that helps people buy prescription drugs from Canada is in the hands of the South Dakota Board of Pharmacy. KELLY HILDEBRANDT 04/28/05 Read the full story at argusleader.com.

  • The ‘European disease’

    Someone once asked Nobel laureate physicist Riccardo Giacconi, who conceived the Hubble telescope, why so many great European scientists moved to America. "A scientist is like a painter," Mr. Giacconi said. "Michelangelo became a great artist, because he had been given a wall to paint. […]

  • Border shopping for steroids fast and easy

    NOGALES, Mexico — The walk across the border from Nogales, Ariz., to Nogales, Mexico, takes less than a minute. The Mexican side has a media nickname, "Pill City." The first thing you notice is the Viagra signs in the dozens of pharmacies that line the […]

  • Spurious drug bill in parliament this session

    New Delhi, April 28 : The long delayed draft legislation on spurious drugs, introducing even death penalty for the manufacture and sale of fake medicines, is finally ready to be introduced in the ongoing parliament session. April 28, 2005 Read the full story at webindia123.com.

  • Feds seek to toss drug import case

  • Drug-resistant malaria haunts Southeast Asia

    Southeast Asia has emerged as the global center for drug resistant malaria and is fuelling illicit trade in counterfeit drugs used to fight the disease killing one million people every year, officials said Monday. By P. Parameswaran Wednesday, April 27, 2005 Read the full story […]

  • Imported drugs bill could save money

    Tennesseans may be able to buy prescription drugs from foreign countries if a bill is approved in the General Assembly. By Judith R. Tackett April 27, 2005 Read the full story at nashvillecitypaper.com.

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