• China launches national campaign against on-line sales of illegal drugs

    BEIJING, Jan. 31 (Xinhua) — China's food and drug watchdog has vowed to intensify crackdown on on-line illegal drug sales to enforce its supervision of Internet-based drug distribution. Shao Mingli, State Food and Drug Administration director, revealed at a national food and drug supervision meeting […]

  • Chinese woman sentenced for fake medicine trading

  • Keeping it real

    Every day, counterfeit prescription drugs, purses, watches, shoes, software, movies and music come into the U.S. And the problem is getting worse. To combat counterfeiting, more than 400 companies worldwide have created technology systems to authenticate goods, and many of them are small startups, said […]

  • Be very careful when buying drugs online

    You should definitely be concerned. If you purchase prescription drugs online, be sure to deal only with a legitimate Web pharmacy. More on this shortly. In its most recent warning on counterfeit drugs, the FDA referred to a network of 24 online sources that appear […]

  • Death toll from contaminated drug rises to 14 in S China

    GUANGZHOU, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) — A 37-year-old man has died from the effects of a contaminated drug given to patients at a south China hospital almost two years ago, bringing the death toll to 14. The latest victim died on Wednesday afternoon at the No. […]

  • The European Commission is to prioritise and speed up moves to deal with the issue of counterfeit drugs in parallel trade and will launch a legislative initiative on the issue after the summer break, Commission Vice President Guenter Verheugen has announced in the European Parliament. […]

  • Fake Drugs Kill People All Over World

    WASHINGTON ― Health and crime agencies of the United Nations say that counterfeit drugs are killing people from China to Canada, and that they “promote the development of new strains of viruses, parasites and bacteria … for example in the case of malaria or HIV." […]

  • Police bust Repentigny drug lab

    Police have shut down a major designer-drug laboratory that used latex paint to colour its pills and operated out of a dirty commercial space in Repentigny. The lab, which was capable of producing a total of 5 million ecstasy, methamphetamine and counterfeit Viagra and Cialis […]

  • Fake medicines seized, one held

    Fake medicines worth Rs 3 lakh were seized from a medical store when a joint team of district administration, police and health department raided it today, Samay sources said. According to the sources, National Medical Store had been running a racket of fake drugs for […]

  • Kenya: Crack Down On Makers of Fake Drugs

    UN health and crime agencies say counterfeit drugs are killing people from China to Canada and they "promote the development of new strains of viruses, parasites and bacteria … for example in the case of malaria or HIV." And in many countries their manufacture and […]

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