Former College Football Player Caught With 3 Liters of Liquid Fentanyl

Kody Krusinski, a former football player at Adrian College in Michigan has been indicted on drug charges, after police found him in possession of liquid fentanyl and anabolic steroids while investigating a domestic violence incident, according to WLNS.

WLNS also reports that Krusinski’s girlfriend, who said he had assaulted her and pointed a handgun at her, made the initial call to police. Krusinski was arrested after a traffic stop and found to have a small amount of fentanyl on his person.

According to the Lansing State Journal, a subsequent search of his home and a commercial facility operated by Krusinski turned up 3 liters of liquid fentanyl, several hundred individual vials of liquid fentanyl and anabolic steroids, four pounds of powdered anabolic steroids, and thousands of as-yet unidentified pills.

Thus far, Krusinski has only been charged with single counts of armed robbery, assault with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence charges and a weapons charge. He has yet to face charges on the fentanyl and steroids, as authorities continue their investigation, the Lansing State Journal reports.