• Canadian Pharmacists Oppose Drug Importation Bill in Congress, Suggest Looking at Long-Term Reforms

    The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (CPM), the regulatory authority in the Canadian province of Manitoba that oversees safe pharmacy practice, wrote to the United States Congress requesting that they reject the current importation bill. “The College of Pharmacists opposes policies that authorize US consumers […]

  • Levothyroxine Keeps Your Thyroid Active and Your Prescription Costs Down

    Politicians have proposed allowing drug importation to lower prescription drug costs based on the false idea that all medicine is cheaper in Canada than it is here. In reality, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved generic drugs are just as affordable or cheaper in […]

  • Op-Ed: Why Drug Importation Is Flawed Policy

    Mike Leavitt | March 20, 2017 With the issue of prescription drug importation being debated on Capitol Hill again, mark me in the skeptical camp. As a matter of safety and practical policymaking, drug importation simply doesn’t work. It is not by happenstance that our country […]

  • Inconvenient facts about drug importation proponents don’t want you to hear

    Canadian pharmacists are not allowed to dispense drugs to Americans with just a prescription from an American physician.  The National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA), which represents pharmacy regulators across Canada, says that “pharmacists in Canada are not legally allowed to fill prescriptions from […]

  • The Partnership for Safe Medicines Letter to Congress – February 28, 2017

    The Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM) today sent a letter to all members of Congress urging them to continue protecting Americans and stand against efforts that would allow substandard and even dangerous counterfeit medicines to flow freely across U.S. borders and into the hands of […]

  • Exportation of Pharmaceuticals from Canada to the United States

    Original pdf copy of letter. Statement from the Best Medicines Coalition: The Best Medicines Coalition (BMC) acknowledges that pharmaceutical costs and supply issues are a significant barrier to accessibility and optimal patient care and can appreciate the motivation behind measures to address these issues. However, […]


    Original pdf copy of letter. The Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance is a national Canadian patient organization and a member of a large coalition focused on issues around pharmaceutical access. Our newspapers are filled every day with stories of patients struggling to get medicines they are […]

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  • SAFEMEDICINES Required Reading List for Policy Makers on Counterfeit Drugs

    Here is SAFEMEDICINES’ list of materials for policy makers who want to learn more about counterfeit medications in the United States.                         How do these criminals operate?  How are they brought to justice?   […]

  • PSM Field Resources Page

    Partnership for Safe Medicines Field Resources Page A short issue brief (with powerful images) on the danger of counterfeit drugs in the US [PDF] State Focused Handouts Mississippi Counterfeit Drug Incidents.pdf (120.5K) Tennessee Counterfeit Drug Incidents.pdf (124.0K) Virginia Counterfeit Drug Incidents.pdf (123.6K) Therapeutic Category Handouts […]

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