H.R. 5663, the Safeguarding Therapeutics Act, was passed with unanimous consent in the Senate on December 8, 2020.

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Grant FDA the unequivocal power to destroy counterfeit medical devices like the fake N95 masks that have been flooding the country.


Since the shortage in N95 masks began, Customs and Border Protection and FDA agents have been regularly seizing shipments of these counterfeits as they come into the country. Agents who seize counterfeit medicines have the authority to destroy them, but because of regulatory inconsistencies, they do not always have the authority to destroy fake medical devices. Sometimes they have to return them to the sender, which means that the device can be mailed again and again until inspectors miss it and it gets to its destination.

Current Status:

As of December 8, 2020, HR5663, “The Safeguarding Therapeutics Act”, has been approved by unanimous consent by both the House and the Senate.