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Protecting Yourself & Your Family Chinese Partnership for Safe Medicines

患者和供应商需要警惕和意识到与网上药店及伪劣药品相关的现实风险。您需要了解伪劣药品,以便防范、检测伪劣药品并向相关机构报告。这样,您能够尽量减少买到伪劣药品的风险,还能够向州食品与药品管理局及其他打假机构报告相关案例,对伪劣药品进行回击。 安全药品 安全药品检查清单是 Partnership for Safe Medicines 提供的一体化培训工具,可通过多种具体途径防范、检测伪劣药品并向相关机构报告。请随意打印或散发。单击图片获得一份副本。 培训指南 州食品与药品管理局 。州食品与药品管理局提供多种材料,指导您防范、检测伪劣药品并向相关机构报告。重要资源包括: 伪劣药品问答、消费者培训材料、不宜从网上购买的药品、突击检查情况更新、正品与伪劣药品图片对比,以及更多信息。   全国消费者联盟。全国消费者联盟 (NCL) 为消费者提供方便的指南,协助消费者识别伪劣药品并向 报告。


Protecting Yourself & Your Family Partnership for Safe Medicines

Protecting Yourself & Your Family Patients and providers need to be on alert and aware of the real risks associated with online pharmacies and counterfeit medicines. Learn about counterfeit medicines in order to avoid, detect, and report them. You can minimize your risk of getting a counterfeit medicine, and you can also fight back by reporting these cases to the…

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