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Give FDA the power to destroy counterfeit medical devices

Counterfeit N95 mask and packaging

HR5663, “The Safeguarding Therapeutics Act” gives the FDA unequivocal power to seize and destroy counterfeit medical devices like fake masks and fake test kits. Ask Congress to empower FDA to protect our front line workers.

Raise penalties for drug counterfeiters using illegal pill presses

Front of the PIll Press infographic

Drug counterfeiters are rarely prosecuted for using Illegal pill presses, even though the machines cost American lives. Help increase the criminal penalties for those caught distributing controlled substances with them.

Protect Patients from Online Scams With Domain Name Reform

Pill Bottle labeled "Fake COVID Cure"

We need to protect U.S. patients. Ask Congress to require domain name sellers to suspend and lock websites that facilitate health fraud and to re-open registration information so that law enforcement can pursue criminals who use websites to take advantage of the public.