• FIA sets up anti-fake drug cells countrywide

    LAHORE: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has established a countrywide network of Drug Detection Units (DDUs), reliable sources within the agency told Daily Times on Saturday. The DDUs have been established with technical; assistance from the federal and provincial health departments of all four provinces. […]

  • Fake flu shots: dangerous scam

    Tomorrow, the director of this Houston clinic, the man at the center of the alleged vaccine scam, will be in court. Iyad Abu el Hawa faces at least ten years in prison if convicted on Medicare fraud charges. As many as 1600 employees of Exxon […]

  • Recycling prescription drugs for poor considered

    Baltimore, MD The cost of prescription drugs is generally high for the average American, and generally out of reach for the homeless and uninsured. Now a new potential program would collect dispensed, but unused prescription drugs that otherwise would be thrown away, and recycle them […]

  • Governor expanding state’s drug discount programs

    Phoenix Governor Napolitano has ordered the state's health-care program for the poor to expand a prescription-drug discount program making all Arizonans eligible to participate. October 28, 2005 Read the full story at kold.com.com.

  • Spammers punt ‘snake oil’ avian flu cure

    Spammers are peddling drugs online that claim to combat bird flu. The junk mail campaigns tout offers to sell Tamiflu, the drug said to be the most effective in protecting humans from the H5N1 strain of the bird flu virus, implicated in the deaths of […]

  • Seasonal flu is the real and present danger

    Concerned about apparent confusion between traditional seasonal flu and a possible avian flu pandemic, U.S. health officials stressed Monday that avian flu is not yet affecting humans to a great degree and has not yet arrived in the country. By Amanda Gardner, HealthDay News October […]

  • E-commerce report: pharmacies endorse crackdown on fraud

    When the dot-com bubble burst five years ago, hundreds of would-be Internet kingpins exited the industry in shame. But at least they were not wearing handcuffs. The same cannot be said for the online merchants caught in the latest bust – this one of a […]

  • FIA closes three factories making fake medicines

    LAHORE: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Friday closed three factories, producing fake medicines worth millions of rupees. FIA Director Chaudhry Manzoor said the agency was appointed to check Drugs Act violations, at which the FIA launched a campaign against manufacturers producing fake medicines. October […]

  • NAFDAC arrests fake pharmacist, 3 others

  • Check again

    The EU is considering pushing for stronger intellectual property rights laws at world trade talks. The EU says counterfeiting is now a global criminal racket operating with organised crime rings in arms, drugs and cigarettes. October 21, 2005 Read the full story at lankabusinessonline.com.

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