Counterfeit Adderall pills

11 million adults and nearly four million children take Adderall or similar medicine for ADHD or narcolepsy.

Reports of counterfeit Adderall—typically made with methamphetamine—have become increasingly common in recent years.

PSM has been following this wave of fake pills since September 2018 and (as of November 2021) has documented fake Adderall in 20 states. (The FDA also warned about counterfeit Adderall made with tramadol and acetaminophen in 2012.)

11 million adults and 3.8 million children take Adderall or a similar prescription to treat ADHD. An additional 4.8 million Americans 12 or older misuse drugs like these–including 11% of college students, and 3-4% of high school students, who often buy or borrow it from friends to use as a study drug.

States That Have Reported Counterfeit Adderall, 2015 --

* An additional five states—Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, and South Carolina—have reported the seizure of "meth pills" without specifying their form.  They are not included on the map. 

In 2019, DEA agents seized 40,000 of the pills from a professor’s home in San Antonio. Another Texan pill ring made and sold 340,000 pills on the web. 

Mexican drug cartels, who have no interest in dose regulation or safety, smuggle counterfeit meth-laced pills into the U.S.

These addictive pills pose a serious threat. Almost one million Americans over the age of 12 suffer from methamphetamine use disorder each year. There is no effective treatment, and the drug can cause severe tooth decay and skin sores; irregular heartbeat; anxiety, confusion and insomnia; psychosis, and death.

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