National Fentanyl Prevention and Awareness Day, August 21

On National Fentanyl Prevention and Awareness Day, PSM is sharing three things you can do right now to protect your family from fentanyl.

  1. Watch our playlist of short videos about fake pills made with fentanyl.
  2. Get naloxone, which reverses opioid overdoses, and teach your family to use it.
  3. Educate your family with another family's story about losing a loved one to fentanyl

Talk to Your Family About Fentanyl

Drug use among 14- to 18-year-olds is falling, but teen fatalities have doubled since 2019 as a result of counterfeit pills made with synthetic opioids like fentanyl. The drug is driving drug deaths across the U.S., and it is also commonly found in heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and MDMA.

Make sure everyone you care about knows that only pills from licensed pharmacies are safe.

Families across the country wish they could have warned lost loved ones about counterfeit pills, and they're working hard to get the word out to all of us. 

Need help with this conversation? Try these resources.

Click to read what PSM's family advocates wish they could have said to their lost loved ones.

Take Action!

Get naloxone, which reverses opioid overdoses, and learn to how use it.


Write your Senator to get fentanyl analogues scheduled as controlled substances.

Tweet the AP: Ask them to call fentanyl pill deaths poisonings.

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