February 20, 2024: FDA warns companies selling unapproved semaglutide and tirzepatide

February 20, 2024
Screenshot of a website selling semaglutide

Companies in New York and Florida were selling unapproved GLP-1 agonists. Operation Shield IV removed $69 million in illicit medicine and doping substances from European markets. A California man who distributed smuggled tianeptine received a two-year sentence.

PSM Advisory Board approves policy resolution on reimbursement practices and supply chain safety

February 16, 2024

PSM opposes the practice of reimbursing pharmacies below the cost of acquisition of medicine and supports efforts to reform reimbursement systems that eliminate this market dynamic that threatens the safety of our drug supply.

February 12, 2024: Massachusetts doc who implanted patients with unapproved, imported medicine loses at trial

February 12, 2024
A syringe full of pellets in front of a foil package with a label

The government won prosecutions in Massachusetts and New Hampshire against defendants selling non-FDA approved drugs. A family warns about tianeptine. Pill presses in Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

PSM applauds NNOAC statement of concern about Canadian drug importation

February 6, 2024

“We are deeply concerned about the impact importation of unapproved foreign prescription drugs will have on counterfeit medication in the United States, especially as FDA considers approving additional SIPs.”

February 5, 2024: eBay pays $59mm to settle federal pill press charges

February 5, 2024
white and red bodied pill press on a wooden base on the floor

DoJ alleged that eBay did not keep and submit required records to the DEA. Snap’s CEO spoke in support of the Cooper Davis Act. The FDA warned about copycat eye drops. Additional domestic and international news about fake and substandard medicine.

Are below cost reimbursement practices by Pharmacy Benefit Managers creating opportunity for criminals to enter the legitimate supply chain?

February 5, 2024

PBMs, by under reimbursing pharmacies, are creating a demand for pharmacies to seek lower priced medications even when they can’t exist at that price.. Criminals appear to be happy to become part of the supply chain.

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