December 5, 2022: Be wary. Drug shortages can drive counterfeit drug crime

December 5, 2022

It’s very important to verify that your pharmacy is state-licensed. A California doctor just pleaded guilty to illegally importing medicines; another is going to prison for fake COVID treatments. Fake pill news in 15 states and Mexico.

Patients, protect yourselves. You are the last line of defense.

November 30, 2022

December 1st is World AIDS Day. If you are HIV positive, be aware that fake HIV treatments that have been found in the U.S. Look here for more information, and to download the infographic on medicine safety we created with help from The ADAP Advocacy Association.

Why has Florida paid 27 million dollars for an empty warehouse?

November 29, 2022
image of Florida governor with text: Over $24 million spent, no medicine provided to patients"

When Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB19 into law in June 2019, he said that Florida was leading “the way toward affordable prescription drugs,” but over the past three years not a single person has received even one pill imported from Canada, and the state has spent millions.

November 28, 2022: DEA Labs show 6 out of 10 fentanyl pills now contain a deadly dose

November 28, 2022
blue pills embossed with M30 spilling out of a plastic bag

Six out of ten fentanyl pills contain a lethal dose. The FDA sends warning letters for violations of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. A fake anesthesia ring was shut down in Pakistan. 23 more stories include news about pressed pills in 13 states.

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