April 9, 2019: Over 100 Advocacy Organizations Urge WH And Congress Not To Endanger Americans With Importation Of Non-FDA Approved Drugs

Dear President Donald J. Trump, members of the United States Senate, and members of the United States House of Representatives:

As organizations that represent thousands of law enforcement, healthcare professionals, patient advocates, taxpayer organizations, business groups, and consumer interest groups, we are writing to express our deep concerns with and opposition to proposals to import non-FDA-approved medications that would endanger the health and safety of our communities.

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Arizona Couple Indicted for Selling Counterfeit Pills Made with Fentanyl, Pills Implicated in Death of Arkansas Man

April 24, 2019

Jacob Medina and his pregnant girlfriend, Diane Erika Marin, have been arrested in connection with a counterfeit pill distribution ring that is allegedly responsible for killing an Arkansas man, the KATV reports.

Oncology Practice Managers: This “drug importation proposal that could put Floridians at risk”

April 22, 2019

In this editorial, which was published in the Palm Beach Post on April 22, 2019, Michelle Flowers writes about Florida’s history of black market cancer treatments and the danger importation poses to patients. Flowers is president of the Oncology Managers of Florida.

Senators Cassidy, Hassan, Kustoff and Kuster Reintroduce Pill Press Legislation, The STEER Act

April 22, 2019

The proposed legislation, H.R. 6554, will require that anyone who owns, purchases or imports pill press must be registered them with the U.S. Attorney General.

New PSM ads highlight concerns of FDA Commissioner Gottlieb about the dangers of Florida’s importation legislation

April 19, 2019

Tallahassee, FL (April 18, 2019) – Today the Partnership for Safe Medicines released new ads to run in several parts of Florida that highlight the dangers of Florida attempting to import medicine from Canada. Five different commissioners of the US Food and Drug Administration, appointed by both Republicans and Democrats, have stated that such proposals are dangerous to patients, will expose them to counterfeits, and are unlikely to reduce the price of medicine.

Head of Patient Advocacy Organization Warns That Drug Importation Is Not The Solution American Patients Need

April 18, 2019

In this editorial by Terry Wilcox published in Inside Sources on April 18, 2019, Terry Wilcox, executive director of a patient advocacy organization advices federal and state representatives that allowing drug importation is not the right policy solution for America’s high prescription drug prices…

Canadian law enforcement: Smugglers will exploit importation to traffic counterfeit medicine

April 17, 2019

In this editorial, which was published in Colorado Politics on April 17, 2019, Don Bell, a 30-year veteran of Canadian law enforcement and border protection, warns that Canadian drug importation will open the U.S. to counterfeit medicine and exacerbate drug shortages in Canada.

Do you understand the role that cheaply-imported pill presses play in the production of deadly counterfeit pills?

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On Jan. 31, 2019, PSM hosted briefings for the Senate and the House.

Watch the briefings here.

Read the Freeh Report

FBI Director Louis Freeh on the impact of importation on law enforcement (July 14, 2017)