Florida’s final submission: November 2023 documents for its Canadian drug importation program

April 12, 2024

The state of Florida provided these FOIA-responsive documents to PSM for the state’s final and ultimately approved application to establish a Canadian drug importation program.

U.S. officials warn about botulism-like illness linked to cosmetic injectables

April 11, 2024

People in Tennessee and Illinois sought medical treatment and some were hospitalized after receiving cosmetic injections in what the CDC has characterized as “non-medical settings.” Officials suspect counterfeit treatments.

Alternative Funding Programs: Offshoring patients, importing risks

April 5, 2024

Some employers are “saving money” on health insurance by hiring vendors to broker personal drug importation between their employees and unlicensed, illegal foreign pharmacies. Read more to understand the dangers of this cost-cutting practice.

April 2, 2024: FDA warns against using unapproved, high-dose lidocaine topicals

April 2, 2024
an opaque yellow jar with writing in Korean and English

Numbing creams that exceed the FDA-approved dose can cause irregular heartbeat, seizures and breathing difficulties. CBP has added FDA-regulated products to a pilot program to improve product traceability. Additional domestic and international news about medicine counterfeiting

The Partnership for Safe Medicines supports pharmacy benefit reforms in California Senate Bill 966

March 25, 2024

State Senator Scott Wiener’s bill would eliminate under-reimbursement practices that create a dangerous opportunity for criminals to enter the legitimate supply chain.

March 25, 2024: Vegas man sentenced for illegal imported medicine scheme

March 25, 2024
Pharmaceuticals laid out on a table as DEA evidence

A Las Vegas man was sentenced for money laundering as well as the illegal importation and sale of prescription opioids. Additional news across the U.S. and in India.

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A gang in India sold fake cancer treatments in India, China and the U.S.  Watch.


A Maryland company settled in Gilead Sciences' lawsuit over counterfeit HIV drugs.

Video cover: "Sellers forfeit millions for tianeptine sales" A bottle labelled tianeptine at right.

A supplement company must pay $2.4 million for selling unapproved drugs, including tianeptine, which is banned in 9 states.

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