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In the age of the Internet, trying and convicting drug counterfeiters often involves resource-intensive investigation across multiple jurisdictions and even when those resources are available, current laws and regulations aren't always enough to deter these criminals' activity.  Determined prosecutors employ a range of laws to bring these charges—including violations of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and the Federal Controlled Substances Act, and criminal codes that address fraud, counterfeiting, theft and money laundering.

In this ongoing project, PSM is gathering court documents that offer insight into how prosecutors have approached these cases. We've started with federal cases, but plan to expand into state prosecutions in the future.

Food and Drugs violations

Drug Abuse Prevention: Attempt & Conspiracy

Read the statute: 21 USC § 963

Drug Abuse Prevention: Importation of Controlled Substances

Read the statute: 21 USC § 952

Drug Abuse Prevention: Prohibited Acts A

Read the statute: 21 USC § 960

Criminal Charges

Trafficking in counterfeit goods

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Read the statute: 18 USC § 2320(a)(4)

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