Resources for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is our central defense against counterfeit drugs in the United States. Federal agents and police officers all over the country are working at capacity to stop fake drug operations that threaten Americans. Whether you're an intelligence analyst or a Public Information Officer, the resources below will help you to educate your own department and the public about the dangers of counterfeit medicines. Check out our Publications page for free materials you can share. For information about counterfeit medicine in your state, see our Fake Medicine In Your State page.

To learn more about the policy positions we support that help law enforcement do their jobs safely and effectively, see our Policy page.

Counterfeit Medicine and Drug Importation

Fentanyl Resources

Illegal Pill Presses: An Overlooked Threat to American Patients (NABP, NADDI & PSM, March 2019) An overview of the current state of illicit pill presses.

Fentanyl: A Briefing Guide for First Responders (DEA, June 2017). Offers an overview of fentanyl trafficking in the U.S. and guidance for first responders about how to protect themselves.

Protecting First Responders on the Frontlines of the Fentanyl Epidemic (Meeting Proceedings, Department of Homeland Security, September 2017)

Fentanyl 101.  Our infographic explains what fentanyl is, where it comes from and how it's getting into counterfeit medicines in the U.S.

Counterfeit Pills Made with Fentanyl. PSM maintains updated information about incidents involving counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl on this page and its state subpages. Check here to see how counterfeit pills are affecting your state.

Reported Law Enforcement Encounters Testing Positive for Fentanyl Increase Across US (CDC, ongoing data)

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Read the Freeh Report

FBI Director Louis Freeh on the impact of importation on law enforcement (July 14, 2017)