• PLA hits bogus medical claims

    CHINA'S armed forces health department yesterday published a list of 16 bogus military medical institutions advertising fake drugs, as it battles health fraud. "These bogus military institutions advertised fake drugs in newspapers, magazines and on Websites, posing a serious threat to public health and to […]

  • High tariffs on drugs breeds counterfeit medicines

    Accra, July 27, GNA – High tariffs and taxes on imported medicines in Ghana and other African countries are driving many people to traditional quack cures or to cheap counterfeit medicines. Ghana places 22.3 per cent levy on imported drugs; Congo-Kinshasa, 39.5 per cent; Morocco, […]

  • China says fifth of all goods not up to scratch

    BEIJING, July 27 (Reuters) – More than a fifth of all Chinese goods from dumplings to electric blankets fail to meet quality standards, creating potential health and safety risks, officials said on Thursday. They blamed the prevalence of fake and shoddy goods on the underdeveloped […]

  • Distributor charged with selling bogus livestock antibiotics

    A national distributor of antibiotics for livestock has been charged with selling counterfeit medication, money laundering, interstate fraud and other offenses. According to a federal indictment issued last week and unsealed Tuesday, Bruce Ray Noyes, a California drug reseller and chief executive of Animal Pharmaceuticals, […]


    Taipei, July 26 (CNA) The Investigation Bureau under the Ministry of Justice has busted a fake medicine operation in Taichung and seized 300 kg of counterfeit drugs, a spokesman for the bureau said Wednesday. The spokesman said a mobile unit of the bureau in Taichung […]

  • Fake drugs, currency flood markets

    SPURIOUS DRUGS CAN maim a society and counterfeit currency can make a serious dent in any country's economy. And if both float together they can wreak havoc. If sources are correct the ugly tentacles of spurious drugs and counterfeit currency notes have spread so far […]

  • Can you tell which pills are fake?

    At a time when more people are looking to save money on prescription drugs, their exposure to counterfeit drugs is rising, says Pfizer's head of counterfeit intelligence. Phony medicines are increasingly making it across U.S. borders, often via Internet sales, and creating a threat to […]

  • Fake Lipitor lingers in supply chain

    Fake Lipitor lingers in supply chain The UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has reissued its safety warning after it was discovered that a recall in July 2005 of batch 004405K1 of Lipitor 20mg tablets had left some fake tablets with pharmacists. These […]

  • Parents press China for answer to bad, fake drugs

    HONG KONG (Reuters) – Cradled in her mother's arms, tiny Liang Jiayi stares blankly. Foam begins to flow from her mouth and her lifeless body suddenly goes into a spasm. "She's cramping," her father Liang Yongli cries out as he and his wife massage the […]

  • Member of International Internet Drug

    Special Agent in Charge James M. Kasson announced today that Sanseev Srivastan was found guilty July 17, 2006 on all counts for his involvement in an international Internet pharmacy network that imported and distributed millions of dollars worth of non-controlled and controlled drugs into the […]

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