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Archive for February 2005

Fighting the fakes

The rapid globalization of commerce and increasing sophistication of counterfeiters has helped create a boom in brand label rip-offs. And the world's top ink maker is determined to share in the profits as the corporate war on bootleggers intensifies. By RICHARD NEWMAN, STAFF WRITER Thursday, February 10, 2005 Read the full story at


Concern on internet drug sales

The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) has expressed concern at the illegal trade in medicinal products over the internet. By Niall Hunter-Editor 08/02/2005 Read the full story at


Our view: Find new approach to prescription drug issue

An elderly man from suburban Milwaukee has had his cholesterol medicine confiscated by the federal government. By Tribune editorial staff Published – Tuesday, February 08, 2005 Read the full story at


Judge blocks business selling Canadian drugs

MASON CITY — A judge has ordered a local business to stop ordering prescription drugs from Canada for its customers. District Judge James Drew issued a permanent injunction on Monday prohibiting Scot and Cheryl Huff from selling, receiving or processing prescription drug orders that are filled by a Canadian pharmacy. By the Associated Press February…


Three men accused of importing prescription drugs illegally

Three men and a corporation are accused of illegally importing prescription drugs, including a cancer drug that has not been approved for sale in the United States, according to an indictment filed Tuesday in federal court. By Dan Robrish, Associated Press February 8, 2005 Read the full story at


Analysis: States crack down on illegal Rx

Kentucky officials say a proposed law that would increase state monitoring of prescription drugs purchased on the Internet is aimed at "rogue pharmacies" shipping drugs to people who don't have a valid prescription. By Al Swanson, United Press International February 07, 2005 Read the full story at


Uniting Business to Fight Fakes

Vivendi's Jean-Ren Fourtou, former International Chamber of Commerce head, talks about a new coordinated counteroffensive FEBRUARY 7, 2005 Read the full story at



The global counterfeit business is out of control, targeting everything from computer chips to life-saving medicines. It's so bad that even China may need to crack down February 7, 2005 Read the full story at

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