Liang BA.* Measuring the Impact of Counterfeit Drugs: Applying the Patient Safety Reporting System Approach. Proceedings of the OECD/WIPO meeting on measurement of counterfeiting and piracy, 17-18 October 2005.

Counterfeit Drugs

  •  At least $32/€27 billion annually.
  • $88/€73 million a day.
  •  Estimates: grow to $75/€62 billion annually in 5 years.
  •  Up to 60% of drugs in developing countries are counterfeit
  •  Up to 90% artenusate in Southeast Asia fake.
  •  Up to 20% of drugs sold in some developed countries counterfeit.
  •  Up to 15% of all drugs around the world are counterfeit.
  •  All are guesstimates—no hard data on incidence, prevalence, or economic burden.