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Fake Botox Sickens 4, Arizona Suppliers Land in Jail

View larger map Four people who had been treated in a South Florida clinic developed Botulism poisoning as a result of injections with counterfeit Botox. Two were patients at a facility licensed as a spa called Advanced Integrated Medical Center (AIMC). The other two were Bach McComb, the owner of AIMC, and his assistant Alma…


Giacolone RP. Drug Wholesaling and Importation: Challenges and Opportunities. California Western Intl Law J. 2005;36:65-76.

Much interest and controversy abounds regarding the benefits and perils associated with the importation of pharmaceuticals. The Internet has provided an uncertain vehicle for such importation especially as it pertains to two key areas: product authentication and product integrity. As a result, questions exist as to whether other U.S. entities may provide a more legitimate…


Gilbert T, Halwani S. Confusion and Contradiction: Untangling Drug Importation and Counterfeit Drugs. California Western Intl Law J. 2005;36:41-54.

Drug importation from Canada is an issue attracting tremendous attention in the United States. The issue of importation is intertwined with the potential for counterfeit drugs, and several considerations regarding this issue deserve attention. First, drugs used in the United States and Canada are manufactured around the world. Second, many of the counterfeiting issues focus…