Theriault J. Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals: Understanding the Threat. J Biolaw Bus. 2006;9(4): 46-50.

The manufacture and distribution of counterfeit medicines is big business. Counterfeits threaten the health and safety of patients around the world, who depend upon authentic medicines prescribed by their doctors to save or improve the quality of their lives. The sale of counterfeit medicines not only funds criminal enterprises and terrorist organizations, but also undermines the ability of research-based pharmaceutical companies to discover, develop and market new medicines to the present and future generations. Pfizer has engaged in a focused anti-counterfeiting program that strives to ensure that patients receive authentic Pfizer products in partnership with enforcement agencies around the world. Despite our best efforts, we alone cannot ensure the integrity of the medicines supply chain. In seeking a sustainable system for ensuring access to medicines, policymakers must not view the security of our medicines supply chain as an obstacle to be gotten around. Ensuring the integrity of the drug supply is an issue of national security and public safety.