"The problem of counterfeit drugs and other regulated products is rapidly rearing its ugly head in developed countries and this is fueled by purchase of drugs via the internet. The negative impact of counterfeit drugs and other regulated products knows no boundaries. Resistant strains of micro-organisms do not need visa to travel from country to country." -Prof. Dora Akunyili

Sadly, the above quote captures the dilemma the world is facing in the hands of fake drugs manufacturers and distributors. Indeed, the problem of counterfeit drugs is now a global phenomenon with its effects felt adversely in the developing countries.
Unfortunately, many countries are increasingly facing hydra-headed problems of counterfeit drugs in various ways, but the problem continues to get worse largely due to the lucrative nature of the business with minimal overhead and easily accessible distribution channel facilitated by the internet.

By Acho Orabuchi

25 October 2007

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