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How to Stay Safe as a Patient

Patients are growing concerned about reports of counterfeit drugs being provided by doctors. Patients can protect themselves by asking their physicians questions about the origins of medicines they receive in their doctor’s office.

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4 Ways You Can Protect The Diabetic You Love

The diabetic in your life has a lot to keep track of.  Constant monitoring of blood sugar levels, making sure they get the medication they need when they need it, eating well, getting enough rest, and enjoying life.

Help out the diabetic in your life by protecting them from four ways criminals can rip them off, while they’re trying their best just to get by.


Criminal Gang Suspected in Fake Medicine Tablets Seizure

Two people were arrested in Northeastern England by Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Several thousand fake medicine tablets have been seized estimated at £115,000. Counterfeit erectile dysfunction medication and unapproved anti-obesity medicines rimonabant and sibutramine were found, reports the MHRA. Spanish police and Europol, arrested six people and collected approximately 300,000 doses of…