Brother of Lebanese State Minister Arrested in Counterfeit Drugs Case

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Abdul Latif Fneish, the brother of Lebanese Minister of State for Administrative Affairs, Mohammad Fneish, has had an arrest warrant issued against him in Lebanon as a result of his links to counterfeit drug importation. In November 2012, Abdul Latif was linked via media reports to the forging of laboratory test certificates on illegally imported drugs.

Who: General Prosecutor Judge Hatem Madi.

When: February 15, 2013; 2010-2012.

Where: Beirut, Lebanon.

How: Investigation by Lebanese General Prosecutor.

Additional details: Abdul Latif turned himself in to authorities once the arrest warrant was issued and is awaiting trial in the Justice Palace in Baabda. This is only the most recent of counterfeit drugs scandals in Lebanon. In 2010, counterfeit and expired drugs were found in 7 pharmacies and 4 drug warehouses.

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