Chicago Pharmacist Charged with Substituting Chinese Counterfeits for Genuine Medication

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Michael Markiewicz, a Chicago area pharmacist, was indicted in Federal court April 18th 2013 on charges that instead of filling prescriptions with genuine ED medication, he purchased Chinese-made counterfeits and substituted them for the real drugs. Markiewicz was charged with eight counts of violating the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act; four counts of trafficking in counterfeit drugs or goods using a counterfeit mark; and three counts of smuggling.

Who: Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, FDA-OCI, U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

When: April 18, 2013; December 2010 2011-August 2012.

Where: Chicago, Illinois

How: Investigation and suspension of Markiewicz’s pharmacists license by Illinois Department of Professional Regulation.

Additional details: According to the indictment, the counterfeit medication Markiewicz ordered came shipped from China marked as a “gift pen” on the customs declaration. The fake drugs were hidden in small plastic bags underneath the pen.

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