Counterfeit Drugs in America 101

Counterfeit Drugs in America 101: a SAFEMEDICINES Tutorial for Healthcare Provider Associations

July 18, 2013. Washington DC

Every month brings a new story about healthcare providers in America encountering, ordering, and in some cases delivering non-FDA-approved medications from outside the secure supply chain to patients. The safety dangers to patients are paramount, but such activities are also career-ending legal events for the healthcare professionals that participate. Learn about the patient safety downsides and legal aspects of exposing patients to counterfeit drugs at this seminar, and how you can work with the Partnership to educate your members about the dangers.

Speaking will be:

  • Tom Kubic, 30 year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, currently President and CEO of the Pharmaceutical Security Institute and the board of directors of the Partnership for Safe Medicines
  • Shabbir Imber Safdar, director of national outreach of the Partnership for Safe Medicines

Here are some recent relevant incidents:

When: Thursday July 18, 2013, noon to 1pm Eastern (lunch provided)

Who: Healthcare providers and the organizations that support and represent them

Where: The offices of the National Grange (a member of the Partnership for Safe Medicines) @ 1616 H Street NW, Washington DC 20006

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