Rogues Gallery Comics: An Illustrated Guide To Counterfeit Drug Crime

Ever wonder about what’s behind the news for counterfeit drug crime? The Rogues Gallery Comic Book Series tells the real-life stories of fake drug criminals and their cases.

In volume one, you can learn all about the Greedy Doctor that lied to patients with no hope of a cure and the Master Counterfeiter whose greed drove him straight into the arms of US investigators. You will also find out about the Black Marketer who sold fake drugs to US doctors, and the mystery Criminal Mastermind responsible for introducing counterfeit cancer medication to U.S. oncology practices.

In volume two, you’ll see the stories of The Smooth Talker and his $150,000 car, the Canadian who pioneered the fake online pharmacy business model, and the Hero Nurses that were often all that stood between oncology patients and dangerous fake medications.

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Volume One:

Volume Two: