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DOJ Cases Highlight the Dangers of Illegal Silicone Injections

Cosmetic procedures are increasingly common these days, but so are illegally run clinics that promise to improve a person’s appearance while endangering their clients’ lives for the sake of profit. Two recent cases highlight the continuing efforts of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and the United Stated Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to…


Canada Drug Center Parent Company Charged for Selling Misbranded Drugs to Americans

McCall Test Results - Partnership for Safe Medicines

Canadian pharmaceutical importer Quantum Solutions and its officers have been charged with two felony counts by the DOJ. Quantum Solutions runs a dozen different pharmacy websites, including Canada Drug Center. Dr. Kenneth McCall, of the University of New England, tested prescriptions from Canada Drug Center in 2014, and found they were substandard and contaminated. Three…


Levothyroxine Keeps Your Thyroid Active and Your Prescription Costs Down

Safe Savings Tip - Partnership for Safe Medicines

Politicians have proposed allowing drug importation to lower prescription drug costs based on the false idea that all medicine is cheaper in Canada than it is here. In reality, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved generic drugs are just as affordable or cheaper in the U.S. as they are in Canada. We called several…


The Fallacy of Drug Importation

Former Federal Regulators, Law Enforcement Officials Dispute Rhetoric on Drug Importation Merits, Highlight the Serious Harm Posed to Patient Health Washington, D.C. — In one of the strongest challenges to drug importation proposals to date, several former federal law enforcement officials and public health experts warned of serious consequences in opening up the U.S. drug supply…


UK Study Finds Fake Online Pharmacies May Feed Antibiotic Resistance

A small-scale study in the United Kingdom has found that 75% of the assessed online pharmacies that offer drugs for sale in the UK are unregistered as legitimate pharmacies, and most offer antibiotics without a prescription. This finding could be a serious driver of microbial resistance. Obtaining Antibiotics Online from within the UK: a Cross-Sectional…