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Former FBI staffer argues that we cannot deter drug counterfeiters without harsher penalties

In a June 7, 2018 editorial for The Hill, Former FBI deputy assistant director and Pharmaceutical Security Institute President Thomas Kubic argues that current sentences and penalties are not strong enough to deter criminal drug importation: “It boils down to this, if an entity — be it an organization or person — opts to engage in activities involving illegal distribution chains, there should be consequences, often certain, swift, and overwhelmingly punitive.”


The Partnership For Safe Medicines 2018 Interchange

The 2018 PSM Interchange brought together policymakers, counterfeit drug victims, pharmaceutical manufacturers, patient advocates, law enforcement, and healthcare professionals to discuss solutions to the deadly impacts that counterfeit drugs are having upon U.S. Citizens. Carrie Luther, Lisa Hicks, and Jennifer Hodge shared their experiences of losing their sons to counterfeit pills made with fentanyl.