Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Updates His 2017 Report on the Threat of Congressional Drug Importation Proposals

2019 Update:

Last month Freeh, Sporkin and Sullivan, LLC and Freeh Group International Solutions, LLC, headed by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, released an addendum to their 2017 Report on the Potential Impact of Drug Importation Proposals on U.S. Law Enforcement.

Examining the government's progress toward building law enforcement’s ability to protect the prescription drug supply, Freeh concludes:

...the steps taken by regulators . . . have created positive momentum for drug import policy discussions, but the government has not done enough to evaluate and improve the capacity of law enforcement to deal with a new pipeline of drugs into the U.S. drug supply, all while . . . more illegal drugs are being shipped to the United States. Passing any drug importation scheme would erase the little progress we have made and set law enforcement further back on their heels.


Read the addendum, or the 2017 report.

Investigation By Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Finds Congressional Drug Importation Proposals Would Pose Significant Threats

Law Enforcement Would Carry Costs and Burdens Related to Opening U.S. Drug Supply to Increased Threat of Foreign-Sourced Counterfeits

"Permitting prescription drug importation would lead to an increased flow of counterfeit and other potentially dangerous products across U.S. borders, worsen the opioid crisis, and cause unnecessary strain on law enforcement and already-overburdened government regulators, according to the findings of an investigation led by Former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Louis J. Freeh and released in a report today."