Why is this page still on Facebook?


This is an unboxing video, but not for the latest iPad or Pixel phone. It’s for illegal drugs.

The recipient opens the envelope and shows pills that almost certainly contain fentanyl hidden inside a deck of cards. They uploaded it to the facebook page of the dealer as an endorsement of their drug selling business.

Unboxing Screenshots (Facebook, May 2022) Click images to enlarge.

Trafficking pharmaceuticals or illicit drugs violates Facebook’s community standards, so PSM staff reported the page, but after an automated review, Facebook decided not to take the content down. We reported it again, but it was still live as we filmed this.

This drug dealer is so brazen that after you order from them, they post the USPS priority mail receipt to their Facebook page to prove they’ve sent the drugs to you. To prove they’ve got inventory they post photos of their illegal products with a phone with a current date.

And the best thing? This isn’t the only Facebook page they’re running.

Screenshots from a page that sells drugs. (Facebook, May 2022.) Click images to enlarge.

This is a problem on every social media platform and on private messaging services too.

Snapchat in particular has stated six times that they’re working hard on this problem, and yet… another teen died in October 2021 after buying from a Snapchat drug dealer.

And a minor in Minnesota almost died after taking a pill he got from someone on Snapchat just last month.

Every one of these platforms forbids drug trafficking, but the dealers are still operating there even though they are being reported. Promises from social media platforms are no longer believable.

Social media companies MUST DO BETTER at enforcing their own standards.

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Social media platforms say that they don't tolerate drug trafficking on their sites, but they are not credible if they aren't removing content like this:
https://youtu.be/CGYJk-mPNXs Thanks, @AwarenessVoices and @stoptheVOID for working to stop this.

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.@fbsecurity These drug dealers have been reported to FB and they're still online: https://youtu.be/CGYJk-mPNXs Are you taking drug dealers off your platform or not?

Most importantly, make sure your family knows the risks right now of fentanyl in everything from fake pills to heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy. You’ll find resources to help at www.safemedicines.org/family-talk.