Your drug savings are as empty as this multimillion dollar warehouse.

Why Has Florida Paid Over 27 Million Dollars For An Empty Warehouse?

When Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB19 into law in June 2019, he said that Florida was leading “the way toward affordable prescription drugs,” but over the past three years not a single person has received even one pill imported from Canada, and the state has spent millions. After the state’s Request for Proposal failed to attract even a single bidder, Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration agreed to pay $38.8 million to Life Science Logistics (LSL) to “provide services necessary for the implementation, operation, and management of the Canadian Prescription Drug Importation Program.”

The non-competitive contract had Florida pay LifeScience Logistics $9.8 million over seven months to set up the warehouses, and then $1.2 million monthly to maintain it. This empty warehouse has already cost Florida over $27.9 million.  As of October 1, 2022, Florida only has less than a year before LSL’s contract expires. It’s very possible that the state will pay almost $40 million without ever importing any medication. Why didn’t Florida wait until they had approval for importing drugs before spending this money? We’ll never know.

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