PSM's Shabbir Safdar participates in D.C. roundtable about the fentanyl crisis.

Shabbir Safdar served on the Commission for Best Practices to Rid Social Media of Drug Trafficking chaired by parent advocates Steve Filson and Amy Neville. Their September 2022 report can be found on the Victims of Illicit Drugs website. 

Already in town for PSM’s February 2023 Congressional Briefing, Executive Director Shabbir Safdar also participated in Senator Rick Scott’s roundtable discussion about the fentanyl crisis.

Safdar joined parent advocate Amy Neville and others to discuss the role of and demand accountability from social media platforms that help dealers sell dangerous counterfeit pills to children and youth:

A woman and a man sitting at a table with a picture of a teenager between them

Amy Neville and Shabbir Safdar at Senator Rick Scott's Fentanyl Roundtable, February 28, 2023 (Official U.S. Senate photo by Renee Bouchard)

It’s time Congress addresses the deadly fentanyl epidemic by demanding more transparency and accountability from these platforms on what steps they’re taking to protect our children and families, and adequately equipping our law enforcement with the tools and resources needed to fight against this devastating epidemic.

Other roundtable participants included parent advocates, law enforcement, and subject matter experts. See the entire discussion here.