February 26, 2024: Safe Chain Solutions settles HIV drug diversion lawsuit with Gilead Sciences

Major Stories

A Maryland drug distributor lost $2.7 million in a settlement over selling secondhand medicine to U.S. pharmacies.

On February 19, Safe Chain Solutions, LLC settled a lawsuit with Gilead Sciences over the wholesaler’s alleged role in the distribution of large quantities of secondhand HIV medicines to licensed U.S. pharmacies. Safe Chain co-founders Patrick and Charles Boyd agreed to relinquish $2.7 million in frozen assets, and are barred from participating in any future commerce involving Gilead products. Safe Chain is just one of over 150 defendants implicated in this ring, which involved over 85,000 bottles of medicine and spanned 13 states.

PSM advisory board member Andrea Thomas’s February 14 editorial in Grand Junction, Colorado’s Daily Sentinel argues that tighter custom inspection requirements for international mail packages would disrupt shipments of narcotics like fentanyl into the country.

Over 150 drug sellers and distributors in 13 states are defendants in Gilead Sciences' suit.

International News

Counterfeit medicines in Pakistan and the Philippines.

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan in Punjab reported finding batches of counterfeit breast cancer, gynecological, and antibiotic drugs in circulation.

Authorities in the Philippines warned residents about counterfeit analgesics and cold and flu treatments circulating in the country.

Warning about fake ibuprofen/paracetamol pills found in the Philippines, February 2024

Domestic News

An Alabama woman pleaded guilty to distributing illegally imported drugs. Authorities arrested a man trying to reopen his unlicensed Botox practice. 

Read McCain's plea agreement to learn more about the case.

Oxford, Alabama resident Sherrie McCain signed a  guilty plea that admits to distributing misbranded drugs after she imported carisoprodol, ephedrine, gabapentin, pregabalin, sildenafil, and tramadol; repackaged them; and sold them to people in 25 states. Law enforcement found approximately 28,000 foreign, unapproved prescription pills in her home when they searched it in 2019.

Elias Renteria Segoviano of Orange County, California, who just finished a four-year sentence for performing cosmetic procedures with counterfeit Botox and other fake products without a license, was arrested after he tried to rent space to reopen his fraudulent practice.

Nashville, Tennessee police warned that 120,000 counterfeit pills they seized in January contained a combination of acetaminophen, fentanyl and xylazine. The news comes after the deaths of two Nashville residents.

Authorities reported that 37 New Jersey residents have been treated for seizures, altered mental state, and low blood pressure after taking tianeptine supplements since June 2023.

Backstage Center and G.A. Mart issued voluntary recalls of brazil seed and tejocote root supplements that contain poisonous yellow oleander.