March 18, 2024: A counterfeiting ring in Delhi sold fake cancer drugs to U.S. buyers

Major Stories

A drug counterfeiting ring in India sold fake cancer medicines that reached patients in the U.S. A warning issued to those headed to Mexico for Spring Break.

Delhi Police arrested multiple individuals for their alleged involvement in the manufacturing and sale of fake treatments for cancer patients, including injectables like Keytruda and Opdyta, which is sold as Opdivo in the U.S.. According to subsequent reporting, this ring refilled cancer drug vials with an antifungal and sold 7,000 doses of their products to buyers in India, the U.S. and China.

The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Mexico issued a message about spring break for Americans that included a warning about the prevalence of counterfeit medicines in the country.

A gang in India sold fake cancer treatments in India, China and the U.S. 

Domestic News

Company sold fake medical devices. A Louisiana doctor illegally imported medicine.

Houma, Louisiana doctor Michelle Andre pleaded guilty to distributing misbranded drugs. Between April 2018 and March 2023 Andre illegally imported contraceptive injections and implants from British companies and distributed them to patients.

The Department of Homeland Security reported that it had seized over 3,600 pill presses in fiscal year 2023.

A jury in New York convicted the former CEO of a medical device company of creating and selling a neurostimulation device with a completely fake component that was implanted into patients suffering from chronic pain.

A man in California pleaded guilty to selling misbranded products that he claimed could treat a variety of conditions, including COVID-19.

Former Stimwave CEO Laura Perryman was convicted of fraud for selling a fake component as part of the StimQ PNS System, a device to treat chronic pain.

International News

Over 3.7 million Lyrica pills seized in UAE and Kuwait. Thousands of irregular medicines seized in Mexico.

Authorities in Mexico seized more than 10,000 units of “irregular” prescription medicine, closed 18 Los Cabos pharmacies and partially suspended 15 more.

In India, the Delhi Police busted a counterfeit medicine ring working in multiple locations across four states. Authorities arrested 10 people and seized counterfeit medicines, equipment, packaging materials, and raw ingredients.

The Telangana Drug Control Administration issued a stop-use notice for medicines from Meg Lifesciences. The company does not exist and medicines that carried the label  contained substances like lime powder and starch instead of active ingredients.

AliExpress has come under scrutiny by authorities in the European Union as a potential source of counterfeit medicine.

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait arrested three members of a drug trafficking gang and seized 3.7 million Lyrica pills. The authenticity of the pills has not been confirmed.

A prescription diet pill purchased online by a patient in Australia tested positive for methamphetamine.

2.75 million Lyrica tablets seized in the Ajman emirate. (March 2024)