July 1, 2024: Safe Chain Solutions owners indicted for selling black market HIV drugs

Major Stories

Adam Brosius, Patrick Boyd and Charles Boyd are facing eight counts for selling $90 million of diverted prescription drugs from five black-market suppliers.

A federal grand jury in Florida filed an indictment charging the owners of Safe Chain Solutions, Adam Brosius, Patrick Boyd and Charles Boyd, for selling $90 million of heavily discounted and diverted prescription drugs, primarily HIV medication, from five black-market suppliers. Maryland-based Safe Chain Solutions signed a $2.7 million lawsuit in February over the distribution of millions of dollars worth of counterfeit and diverted HIV medicines.

Safe Chain was part of a huge network of companies that allegedly put more than 85,000 bottles of fake HIV medicines in the U.S. drug supply chain. Learn more here.


Watch PSM's April 2024 video about Safe Chain's settlement.  

Domestic News

HSI arrested a man who allegedly sold fake cancer treatments. A sentencing for a pill press operation in West Virginia.


In March, Delhi police busted a ring that sold vials labeled as cancer treatments filled with an anti-fungal. Keytruda is one of the medicines that ring counterfeited. Watch.

Homeland Security Investigations agents in Houston, Texas arrested an Indian national for alleged trafficking and distribution of counterfeit cancer treatments, including Keytruda.

South Charleston, West Virginia resident Timothy Brian Jackson received a 14-year prison sentence for making and intending to distribute fake oxycodone pills made with fentanyl and other opioids. In August 2022 law enforcement searched an apartment Jackson rented in St. Albans, seizing 10,000 counterfeit pills; a hydraulic pill press; punch and die kits used to imprint pills with “M30” markings; pill making supplies, including fentanyl, protonitazene and butonitazene; guns, and cash.

Monmouth County, New Jersey’s prosecutor announced the May 2024 bust of a ring trafficking cocaine, heroin and fentanyl. Searches of homes in Long Branch, Paterson and Neptune Township yielded pound-quantities of illicit drugs, Xanax pills, a pill press and other supplies and equipment.

International News

Health Canada warns about injected peptides. Convictions for a fake Xanax ring in the United Kingdom.

Health Canada warned consumers not to buy unauthorized injectable peptides from two companies because of the potential for infection, allergic reactions, and other poor outcomes.

Two British residents were convicted at Wolverhampton Crown Court for their roles in a counterfeit pill operation that made and sold bulk quantities of fake Xanax pills to locations all over the world, including Europe and America. Eight other defendants already pleaded guilty.

NAFDAC shared images of the fake antibiotic injection.

Portugal’s Food and Economic Safety Authority seized counterfeit Botox worth almost 34,000 euros  (US$36,500) from a beauty clinic in Lisbon.

Ireland’s Health Products Regulatory Authority seized 1,196 units of falsified semaglutide between January and May this year, over four times the amount seized in all of 2023.

Nigeria’s drug regulator, NAFDAC, warned residents about a counterfeit batch of injected antibiotics,

In India, inspectors with Telangana State Drug Control Administration raided five locations in Hyderabad and seized counterfeit versions of Vertin tablets, which treat symptoms of Meniere’s Disease.