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This resource was created by a partnership of these patient-focused organizations:

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1. Find out about assistance programs.

Many drug companies offer qualifying patients access to low cost or free medications. Penobscot Community Health Care has a navigator program to help you fill out and complete all the paperwork. Visit any PCHC facility to signup. You can also find these patient-assistance programs online at and

2. Discuss the price and alternatives to medication with your doctor or pharmacist.

When you are prescribed medication, ask what the price is. If you will have problems affording it, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about an alternative or generic medication that might cost less.

3. Keep a record of the medication you’re taking.

Be an informed patient. Understand the medications you’re taking and why. Record the name and lot number of the product you are given, or take a photo with your camera phone. If there is a question later about the medication or a concern that you got the right one, you will have a record.

4. Comparison shop for medication.

You can comparison shop around town for medication using websites and mobile apps such as,, and Remember to make sure your pharmacist knows all the medications and supplements you’re taking.

5. Comparison shop online.

You can also look online at US-licensed pharmacies to find competitive prices on medication. Safe online pharmacies are licensed with the VIPPS logo. You can find a list of licensed online pharmacies at Make sure your local pharmacist knows all the medications you’re taking to watch for drug interactions.