Video: Hawaii becomes final state to report a fake pill victim

The August 2021 indictment of an alleged fentanyl pill dealer for the death of a Maui resident makes Hawaii the final U.S. state to confirm a counterfeit pill fatality. Watch our weekly video to learn more about the changes we’ve seen over the last six years.


Counterfeit pill dealers poison their victims. The press should say so.

The media speaks as if counterfeit pill victims were seeking drugs and “overdosed” because they took too much of them, but that doesn’t accurately reflect what is happening. Too often, victims have been sold drugs that they weren’t seeking at all.

Help PSM tell journalists that pill victims have been poisoned, not overdosed.


Counterfeit Medicine News for the week of March 1, 2021

Screenshot of FDA warning letter

This week: The FDA moves on fake FDA registration certificates and warns Mercola to stop selling supplements with fake COVID claims. The U.S. Attorney in Maryland shuts down another fake pharma phishing site. Counterfeit vaccines in South Africa. Counterfeit pill news in 11 states.