The Hollow Promise of Drug Importation Proposals

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Tom Kubic—an FBI veteran, former president and CEO of the Pharmaceutical Security Institute, and president of PSM’s governing board—has the experience to know that the risks of drug importation are “unacceptably high” and the potential rewards are “virtually nil.”


Director of Health and Science Policy at Citizens Against Government Waste Calls Drug Importation Dangerous

Instead of wasting time and money on dangerous and faulty importation proposals, Congress should encourage the FDA to speed up the drug approval process and reduce the cost of program and application fees for future drug development. In 2022, the application fee for a human drug application will cost $1.6 million for drugs that don’t require clinical data and $3.1 million for medicines that do need clinical data.


Drug Importation Is Not The Solution Americans Need

While working to find a way to provide relief to patients at the pharmacy counter, American politicians again look to the idea of drug importation as a possible solution. Looking at all the evidence, the Partnership for Safe Medicines believes such plans will not only make no difference in reducing patient out-of-pocket costs, but will…


Canadian Drug Importation Stalls

The White House approved regulations for state drug importation in late state, green-lighting several states’ efforts to implement importation.

None of them is up and running yet. Check out this week’s video and post for an update.