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Beloved Mother Slain by a Colorado Counterfeit Drug Trade

32-year-old Grand Junction resident Ashley Romero was the cherished eldest daughter of her close-knit Colorado family. With her warm heart and brilliant, 1,000 watt smile, she made friends everywhere she went. Ashley died on June 11, 2018, after taking half of an oxycodone pill. The pill was fake and actually made with fentanyl.


Colorado Mother Works to Raise Awareness About Addiction and Self-Harm

Grand Junction resident Andrea Thomas lost her daughter Ashley to counterfeit oxycodone in June 2018. Now, she is determined to protect others. Her new foundation, Voices for Awareness, promotes awareness about substance abuse and self-harm. On July 27, 2019, the organization will hold its first conference—free to the public—at Costa Mesa University, as well as the “Fight for Awareness,” a professional boxing event in which fighters from all over Colorado will dedicate their match to a loved one lost to substance abuse or suicide.


Woman Arrested By Police In Grand Junction, Colorado Was In Possession Of Fake Pills Made of Fentanyl

While arresting a Grand Junction, Colorado woman on an outstanding warrant, a police K-9 indicated the presence of narcotics in her vehicle. Inside Marie Matos’s car, police discovered two bags filled with hundreds of pills whose markings indicate that they should be oxycodone. However, “based on training, experience and knowledge of this case these are fentanyl pills”…

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