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Medicines that kill: A global industry of fake drugs

U.N. health and crime agencies say counterfeit drugs are killing people from China to Canada and they "promote the development of new strains of viruses, parasites and bacteria … for example in the case of malaria or HIV." And in many countries their manufacture and distribution is not even illegal. The United Nations Inter-regional Crime…


DOH issues fake drugs warning

The Department of Health has issued an emergency warning to regional health bureaus across the nation, asking them to be on the lookout for counterfeit drugs that are believed to have made it onto the market from a Chiayi County drug counterfeiting operation. A operation by the National Police Agency (NPA) on Saturday uncovered a…


Pact on drugs, equipment safety inked

Chinese and US drug watchdogs have reached a consensus to be part of each other's inspection and investigation against counterfeits and substandard drugs, the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) said Wednesday. The first-ever Sino-US agreement on drug and medical equipment safety signed on Tuesday led to the consensus, marking a substantial step forward for…


FDA proposes heavier fines for fake drug business

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is set to impose much higher fines on manufacturers, sellers and importers of fake drugs. The proposed amendment to the Drug Act of BE 2510 is seeking to fine fakedrug manufacturers up to Bt5 million, and sellers and importers up to Bt2 million. "Convicted offenders are also liable to…


Fighting fake drugs

Judicial interpretations concerning the manufacture and selling of fake drugs were published by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) on Wednesday to solicit public opinion. The interpretations jointly drafted by the Supreme People's Court and Supreme People's Procuratorate are meant to curb the rampant making and selling of fake medicines, which have posed a…


Police destroy illegal medicines

Jakarta Police on Wednesday destroyed at least Rp 25 billion (US$2.7 million) worth of unlicensed medicines. Chief Insp. Gen. Adang Firman said eradicating illegal medicines was one of the police's top priorities. "Everyone needs medicine, but many people are tempted to buy illegal drugs because they're cheaper, although the medicines might be dangerous," he said…


China Recalls Tainted Leukemia Drugs

Chinese authorities ordered the recall of tainted leukemia drugs blamed for leg pains and other problems, state media reported Sunday, the latest crisis to strike the country's embattled food and drug industries. Most of the drugs involved – methotrexate and cytarabin hydrochloride – have been recovered and authorities have traced the remainder, the Xinhua News…

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