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Fentanyl Has Created A New Kind Of 21st-Century Drug Kingpin

The introduction of fentanyl and the ever-growing list of its analogues has devastated communities across America, but also created a new sort of drug kingpin. This kingpin uses their knowledge of chemistry to make minor changes to the chemical structure of the drugs that they sell in an attempt to stay one step ahead of the law…


Potential For Fentanyl Exposure Still A Major Threat To Law Enforcement Officers

Fentanyl has devastated communities across North America. In this article, we look at two stories about police officers in the U.S. and Canada surviving fentanyl exposures thanks to naloxone and one story about proposed legislation that would help get scanners capable of identifying what something is made of into the hands of state and local law enforcement agencies…


1,500 Counterfeit Fentanyl Pills Netted in Ohio Bust

The DOJ indicted three residents of Ohio after they were caught with 1,500 counterfeit oxycodone pills that were made with fentanyl. Gerald Bowerman, Emmet Nelson, and Cortney Williams had just returned from allegedly picking up a new batch of fake pills in Kentucky…