Liang BA.* Pigs, Drugs, and Terrorists. Patient Safe Qual Healthcare. 2008 Nov 1:10-12

Abstract. Making drugs is messy. Take heparin.You raise pigs and then slaughter them. You isolate the pig intestines and cook them. Then you scrape the intestinal insides, dry them, and get them to a factory to undergo more processing (Harris, 2008). Making drugs is also expensive. Outsourcing this messy activity to countries such as China…


Heparin Havoc Continues

Bryan A. Liang, MD, PhD, JD

It looks as though the problems from China-sourced heparin are far from over.  An unknown substance, similar in chemical makeup to heparin, has been found in batches of the blood thinner produced by U.S.-based Baxter International and Germany-based Rotexmedica.