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US FDA Joins Interpol and Other International Enforcement Agencies for Operation Pangea XI

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced the conclusion of Operation Pangea XI’s International Week of Action. In its eleventh year, Operation Pangea targets websites that sell counterfeit and misbranded drugs. This year’s effort shut down 465 websites that were selling non-FDA approved prescription drugs including drugs for oncology, antivirals, opioids and other untested prescription drugs to U.S. consumers.


Pakistani Fake Internet Pharmacy Owners Sentenced in Federal Court

Pair that were arrested in London in October 2012 for operating a fake online pharmacy that sold to U.S. consumers plead guilty and are sentenced. Pakistani fake online pharmacy entrepreneurs Sheikh Waseem Ul Haq and Tahir Saeed have been sentenced to time served after pleading guilty to 48 counts, including “conspiracy to import Schedule II,…


Operation Pangea IX Shuts Down over 4,000 Fake Online Pharmacies

In its 9th year, the International Week of Action brought together enforcement organizations from 115 countries throughout the globe in an effort of eliminate the sales of counterfeit medication online. The 9th Interpol-led effort Operation Pangea just completed its efforts, according to a June 9th press release from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). George…


LifeLogic Pharmaceuticals Owner Pleads Guilty in Misbranded Drugs Case

A Cranston, Rhode Island businessman, Arif Diwan, has pleaded guilty to charges that he and his company, Lifescreen LLC sold pharmaceuticals purchased from India and other countries as FDA-approved medication. Diwan purchased the drugs abroad, then repackaged and forged labels for them in Rhode Island. He sold the drugs with as having been produced by…


$12M in Counterfeit Drugs Seized in Southeast Asia

View larger map An international police operation led to the seizure of $20M in counterfeit and illegal medicines, including antibiotics, anitimalarials, contraceptives, anti-tetanus vaccines, aspirin and drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. An estimated $12M were counterfeits with the remaining $8M found to be drugs that were “expired, diverted or unregistered.” Who: Medical Products Counterfeiting and…

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