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Our 2018 information sheet summarizes recent counterfeit drug incidents in Iowa.


Counterfeit Fentanyl Pills Harming Iowa Residents

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Iowa issued a warning to residents about counterfeit pills made with fentanyl being sold on the streets around the state. Shortly after this announcement, the DOJ announced guilty pleas from two Waverly residents charged with selling counterfeit pills made with carfentanil and cyclopropyl fentanyl that they purchased off the Internet…


Counterfeit fentanyl pills in Iowa

Counterfeit Fentanyl Pills in Iowa Click here to read PSM’s Fentanyl 101. Since 2012, drug traffickers have been selling North Americans counterfeit medications made from fentanyl, a dangerous painkiller 25-40 times stronger than heroin, and even stronger synthetic opioids like carfentanil. The problem has spread to at least 49 states, and many Americans have suffered…


Iowa Oncologist Pays $176,460 Fine in Illegally Imported Cancer Drugs Case

Dr. Magdy Elsawy has admitted to no wrongdoing in his settlement, however it was originally alleged he provided non-FDA approved cancer medications to his patients, defrauded Medicare, and provided treatments to patients that were more complex than needed or entirely medically unneeded. North Iowa Today is reporting that the owner and lead physician at Hematology…

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