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Betty Hunter’s Death Illustrates Danger of Fake Drugs

Arizona resident Betty Hunter died of lung cancer, but how much longer would she have lived if her oncologist had not treated her with counterfeit Avastin? A recent Danish documentary tells the tragic story of Arizona grandmother Betty Hunter, who in 2011 sought treatment for her lung cancer at an oncology clinic in Chandler Arizona.…


Fake drugs travel globe to Internet

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 17 (UPI) — Counterfeit drugs sold online and seized in the United Arab Emirates arrived through a series of global free trade zones, investigators in six countries said. The recent seizure of warehoused drugs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, revealed a medicine trading chain from China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Britain…


Patients asked to report defective medicine

Abu Dhabi: Officials on Tuesday called upon health professionals and patients to report irregularities in drug quality in line with a new recalling system to be introduced soon. The new recalling system responds to the need to protect the public from defective pharmaceutical products. By Dina El Shammaa21 November 2007 Read the full story at…


Fake Viagra smuggling attempt foiled

Sharjah, August 28th, 2007 (WAM)- UAE Health, Customs and Police authorities have foiled an attempt to smuggle 1,600 kgs of fake Viagra into the country through Dubai International Airport, according to Health Minister Humaid Al Qattami. Al Qattami described the attempt as the biggest of its kind in the UAE so far. "The consignment originated…


Dubai Customs seize fake meds

Dubai Customs have confiscated AED5m ($1.4m) worth of counterfeit medicine at the city's Cargo Village, it announced yesterday. Customs inspectors at the cargo facility found around 556,000 fake Plavix pills – an anti-clotting drug used to treat heart ailments – packed in 20,000 boxes and shipped from the Mauritius islands, Ahmed Butti Ahmed, director general…


Counterfeit ‘life-saving drugs’ seized from Mauritius shipment

Dubai Customs has confiscated the largest quantity of counterfeit drugs worth Dh5 million from a shipment from Mauritius. Around 555,000 pills, usually prescribed for heart attack or stroke-prone patients, containing traces of white cement were seized from two containers. By Emmanuelle Landais3 July 2007 Read the full story at


Importers of fake Viagra sent to jail

Two importers of fake Viagra pills recently received prison sentences, in two separate cases. This marks the first time jail time has been handed down for importing imitation Viagra. The first defendant, textile trader Moshe Perach, received 15 months after a container of clothing he was importing was found to contain 160,000 of the blue…

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