Counterfeit Ozempic found in the U.S.

Images of real and fake Ozempic cartons

On June 16, 2023 Novo Nordisk warned that a fake version of the diabetes drug Ozempic had been found in the U.S. The injection pen, which contained insulin instead of semaglutide, was reportedly purchased at a retail pharmacy. It’s one of a flurry of incidents involving Ozempic and its sister drugs.


May 1, 2023: British Columbia enacts regulations to stop Ozempic exports

A Facebook post offering Saxenda for sale.

Canada resists the U.S. pilfering its drug supply. Officials warn about semaglutide sales on social media, a dangerous appetite supplement and black market cosmetic injectables. A California doctor will pay over a million for treating patients with illegally purchased drugs. More reports of tainted cough syrup, and news about fake pills made of fentanyl and other drugs in 20 states.