The Partnership For Safe Medicines Interchange Archive

Since 2010, SAFEMEDICINES has been hosting an annual Interchange to assess the state of counterfeit medication globally, and bring together stakeholders from government, industry, medicine, science, and patient advocacy to come up with solutions to the problem of counterfeit drugs.

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The Partnership's 2018 Interchange brought together prosecutors, law enforcement, regulators and families of counterfeit drug victims to discuss the threat posed by unregulated online pharmacies and counterfeit medicines made with fentanyl. The event included remarks from the National Consumers League's Sally Greenberg and DEA Supervisory Special Agent Milton Tyrrell, as well as panels led by the Department of Justices' Linda I. Marks, PSM Executive Director Shabbir Safdar and Sven Bergmann, our Senior Advisor of Anti-Illicit Trade Strategies.


The 2014 SAFEMEDICINES Interchange brought together policymakers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, patient advocates, law enforcement, healthcare professionals, and anti-counterfeiting companies to discuss the problem and solutions to the global scourge of pharmaceutical counterfeiting. Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood shared with the sold out conference his reasons for pursuing Google about their relationships with fake online pharmacies. FDA Deputy Director Howard Sklamberg described what FDA is doing to implement the new FDA Safety and Information Act.


At the 2013 SAFEMEDICINES Interchange, researchers discussed the impacts of drug diversion and illicit online pharmacies on patient health. Keynote Speaker, Dr. Ilisa Bernstein, Deputy Director of the Office of Compliance in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (FDA) talked about the changes coming about from DSCSA.




At the 2012 SAFEMEDICINES Interchange, Damon McCoy, Assistant Professor at George Mason University explained his fascinating research into counterfeit pharmacy affiliate networks and offered ideas on how to combat them.

At the 2011 SAFEMEDICINES Interchange, FDA Chief Margaret Hamburg provided our keynote speech.


At the 2010 SAFEMEDICINES Interchange, New York Times columnist Walt Bogdanich described his coverage of the antifreeze-in-cough medicine tragedy that killed so many children in Panama.