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Ohio Man to Spend Five Years in Prison for Role in Counterfeit Pill Scheme

Cincinnati resident Shoaib Haroon was recently sentenced to five years in federal prison for his role in a scheme to sell people counterfeit drugs. Mr. Haroon received and filled the orders out of his home. He was observed mailing 80 packages each day out of the same post office. Inside the packages were counterfeit pills in plastic bags.


NABP Warns Congress About Canadian Online Pharmacies, February 10, 2017

A clandestine fake drug factory in Colombia washes empty medication bottles before filling them with counterfeit Tazocin, a prescription antibiotic. Photo courtesy of Pfizer. On February 10th, 2017, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies wrote a letter to the U.S. Congress about the risks associated with Canadian online pharmacies. The letter, below in text…


Pakistani Fake Internet Pharmacy Owners Sentenced in Federal Court

Pair that were arrested in London in October 2012 for operating a fake online pharmacy that sold to U.S. consumers plead guilty and are sentenced. Pakistani fake online pharmacy entrepreneurs Sheikh Waseem Ul Haq and Tahir Saeed have been sentenced to time served after pleading guilty to 48 counts, including “conspiracy to import Schedule II,…


LifeLogic Pharmaceuticals Owner Pleads Guilty in Misbranded Drugs Case

A Cranston, Rhode Island businessman, Arif Diwan, has pleaded guilty to charges that he and his company, Lifescreen LLC sold pharmaceuticals purchased from India and other countries as FDA-approved medication. Diwan purchased the drugs abroad, then repackaged and forged labels for them in Rhode Island. He sold the drugs with as having been produced by…


When Buying from a Fake Online Pharmacy, IRACM Wants You to know “It’s All Fake!”

A new campaign by International Institute for Research Against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM) aims to educate patients that anyone with access to the Internet can be exposed to counterfeit drugs via fake online pharmacies. Did you realize that of 331,430 websites monitored by Legitscript, a whopping 94.3% are selling pharmaceuticals illegally? The Wild West nature of…


New Research Highlights Risks of Unlicensed Online Pharmacies

A new study
in the May 2013 Journal of Medical Internet Research illustrates just
how easy it is for fake online pharmacies to advertise via social media outlets
such as Facebook and Twitter.

Researcher Tim Mackey and co-author Dr. Bryan
set up dummy, no-prescription-required pharmacy websites, then created
advertising for the dummy sites on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and
Google+. They found that in the 10
months that their fake ads were running, close to 3,000 unique visitors went to
the dummy sites in search of drugs that required no prescription.  Surprisingly, though they had visits from all
over the globe, the highest percentage of web traffic to their fake sites (54%)
came from the United States.  


New Internet Domain Name .PHARMACY Will Foster Patient Safety

In light of the threat of illegal online pharmacies, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) announced their application to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to own and operate a secure and vetted .PHARMACY domain for licensed Internet pharmacies.

The April 2013 report from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) illustrates the patient safety threat from illegal online pharmacies by showing that of more than 10,000 Web sites they analyzed, nearly 97% operate out of compliance with pharmacy laws and practice standards established in the US. To combat that threat, they have announced their application to ICANN for .PHARMACY, which will be available only to legally operating online pharmacies, who follow the rules and regulations in the jurisdictions in which they are based.

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