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A Texas Athlete’s Life Cut Short by Trust

Blain Padgett earned a full athletic scholarship and a defensive end position with the Rice University Owls in 2015 through persistence, vision and sheer hard work, but his dream of playing college football was cut short on March 2, 2018, when he was found dead in his apartment. Investigation showed that Blain’s cause of death was fentanyl poisoning: the hydrocodone pill he’d taken from a friend for his shoulder pain turned out to be a counterfeit laced with carfentanil.


Football Player In Texas Killed By Counterfeit Pills Made With Carfentanil

A former Rice University football player has been charged with causing the death of a 21-year-old student after selling the young man counterfeit hydrocodone pills made with carfentanil. Carfentanil is one of fentanyl’s many analogues. A lethal dose is so small it cannot be seen with the human eye…



Our 2018 information sheet summarizes recent counterfeit drug incidents in Texas.


Case Updates From Two Major Fentanyl Drug Rings Out Of Texas and Utah

Short updates on two major fentanyl counterfeit pill ring cases. One case in Texas looks to have one of the fourteen defendants taking a plea while the second case in Utah sees a jury trial date set for Aaron Shamo, the alleged drug ring leader that shipped counterfeit pills containing fentanyl all across the U.S…


Woman Admits To Prescribing Counterfeit and Smuggled Drugs

Carolina Aguilar Rodriguez was neither a doctor nor a pharmacist, but that didn’t stop her from prescribing counterfeit and smuggled prescription drugs to her clients at her Houston store. She recently pleaded guilty in federal court…

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