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Ohio Man Sentenced As Part of Operation “Big Oak” After Exposing Police Officer to Near-Fatal Dose of Fentanyl

An East Liverpool man, Justin Buckel, has been sentenced to six-and-a-half-years in prison after pleading guilty to charges related to drug trafficking, including assault on a police officer. In May 2017, Police Officer Chris Green was exposed to fentanyl in East Liverpool , Ohio after searching Buckel’s care after a traffic stop. Bucknel’s arrest was part of a larger Ohio fentanyl bust, in which over 100 people were arrested.


Tramadol: An Illicit Opioid That Funds Terrorism

Tramadol is given as a pain medication in India, but it has a high potential for abuse, and in some countries, tramadol deaths outnumber deaths from heroin. It is also completely unregulated in India, and is not on the World Health Organization (WHO) list of scheduled drugs or controlled substance list, which would force countries to regulate it.


People with Severe Allergies Now Have an Affordable Alternative to the EpiPen

For years, if you suffered from severe allergies, EpiPen was the best-known option to prevent anaphylaxis. Mylan, the manufacturer of EpiPen, released a generic alternative in December 2016, however, there is an even more affordable option on the market. As reported by Consumer Reports, Adrenaclick had long been a cheaper alternative to the EpiPen, but…


Owner of Counterfeit Drug Importer Medical Device King Sentenced to 5 Years in Jail

Update: On December 13, 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit vacated William Scully’s conviction because a lower court “declined to allow Scully to introduce evidence at his 2015 trial showing he sought legal advice about importing drugs with foreign labels from one of his lawyers.” Ultimately Scully pleaded guilty to one charge of…


Minnesota Night Market Raided, Counterfeit and Misbranded Drugs Seized

Ramsey County Sheriffs in Saint Paul Minnesota conducted an investigation of vendors at an area Hmong night market and discovered counterfeit medication for sale by 2 different vendors. Sheriffs discovered pills, needles, syringes and expired medication during their investigation. Who: Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department. When: April 4, 2016, 2013 – 2016. Where: Saint Paul, Minnesota.…


U.S. Doctors Prosecuted for Buying Fake Cancer Medication from CanadaDrugs

The 2012 fake Avastin warnings were just the tip of the iceberg for what is now unfolding into one of the most convoluted counterfeit medication incidents that has ever been uncovered. The supply of fake cancer medication has been traced to Internet pharmacy giant CanadaDrugs and in the last year, 4 doctors have been prosecuted…


THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Vice President, June 22, 2010

REMARKS BY THE VICE PRESIDENT AND VICTORIA ESPINEL, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ENFORCEMENT COORDINATOR, ON THE U.S. GOVERNMENT’S INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ENFORCEMENT STRATEGY Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Washington, D.C. 11:17 A.M. EDT THE VICE PRESIDENT: Welcome, everybody. We’re going to be relatively brief here. Thank you for being here. I’m going to ask Victoria, who was responsible for…

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