• Pharmacist gives girl wrong medication

    RAYNHAM (AP) — Another pharmacy error in Massachusetts. A five-year-old girl from Raynham who was prescribed the drug ditropan to treat a bladder problem was instead given the anti-anxiety drug diazepam — commonly known as Valium — by a CVS store in East Bridgewater late […]

  • Double life: The News & Star reports on the mum who sold stolen goods on eBay Sex drugs, steroids and designer clothes are just a few of the things to beware of when you shop online. August 30, 2005 Read the full story at newsandstar.com.

  • Lab is striving to find ways to improve RFID

  • Ten accused of roles in black market drug ring

    HACKENSACK, N.J. — Ten people stand accused of stealing millions of dollars worth of prescription drugs and selling them on the black market. By the Associated Press August 27, 2005 Read the full story at newsday.com.

  • The Sh10 billion fake drugs rip-off

    Almost one out of every three people buying drugs from private pharmacies – even Government hospitals – are walking away with no more than plain water or chalk. Erick Wamanji August 25, 2005 Read the full story at allafrica.com.

  • Online pharmacy operator charged with fraud

    A federal grand jury has indicted the owner of a Burnsville-based online pharmacy on charges of fraudulently selling millions of dollars in addictive painkillers without valid prescriptions. By Maura Lerner and Warren Wolfe August 25, 2005 Read the full story at startribune.com.

  • Get prescriptions for free…without getting scammed

    An internet prescription drug scam that caught the attention of Missouri`s Attorney General serves as a warning to consumers. August 25, 2005 Read the full story at kq2.com.

  • Drug card gives $3M dose of savings

    Leonard Gold buys three drugs for his wife every month — Plavix, a blood thinner; Fosamax, for bone loss; and Aricept, for memory loss. Gold, 86, of Oceanside, could sign up for a Medicare discount prescription drug plan. But the paperwork overwhelms him. So he […]

  • Medication meltdown

    A hot car, rolled up windows, and prescription drugs; not a good combination. Now a new study warns of potentially deadly results when mail order medications are exposed to high heat. 7's Healthcast reporter, Dr. Deanna Lites, has more on this medicine meltdown. By Dr. […]

  • A new balance on counterfeit goods

    The sports shoe manufacturer New Balance is about to return to Argentina after four years of absence, after it completes some sort of "cleaning" of the market of pirated copies of their famous shoes. Tired of complaining about counterfeits they hired a law firm which […]

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